Kim Kardashian Ruining Kanye West's Fashion Reputation

On this week's "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami," the reality show continues its documentarian chronicles of Kim Kardashian's hard life in Miami.

The episode begins with Kim eyeing an article online that accuses the star of diminishing Kanye's megastar quality with her poor taste in clothing.

"Kim Kardashian Fashion Fail: Is Kanye to Blame?" the media asks in a piece of Earth-shattering journalism. It's her latest fashion faux pas and it has nothing to do with an ill-fitting pencil skirt or wearing the remains of a fox. She's hurting Kanye's fashion reputation.

Because Kim (or the character she plays to mockable perfection on television) is just that impressionable, after she learns she's made a "worst dressed list" she parrots to the cameras in a not-at-all-scripted-sounding plotline about invalidating Kanye's sartorial choices and having to go on a shopping spree that'll reclaim Kanye's dignity. Kim is going to put on her brave face, buy those $900 shoes and next season's Prada and Chanel, and she's going to buy them out of unbridled love. Let me start the slow clap applause in 3, 2...
It's not hard to notice that Kim's been adopting a new style this past year. She's traded in all her body-hugging Herve Leger bodycon dresses for next season's couture collections and it can all be pinpointed to the day she and Kanye made their dating courtship official. Cause, meet effect.
While we're sure Kanye doesn't dress Kim every single day, to say he hasn't had some kind of influence on her wardrobe's change of heart obviously hasn't seen photos of when the two stepped out in matching monotone outfits at Paris Fashion Week this year. Definitely cut from the same black-and-white cloth. Hopefully Kim doesn't spill on him though and ruin his rep in the meantime.

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