Kim Kardashian Not Surprised She’s Gaining Tons of Weight

Kim Kardashian has been parading her baby bump around town, well, it’s less a baby bump than a baby box. It kind of just grows in all directions.
But you can’t make fun of Kim for gaining weight, because she totally knew it was going to happen and talked to magazines about her imminent weight gain. She called it, you guys, she called it. It’s like saying “no offense” before insulting someone, because everyone knows it’s not offensive if you do it like that.
Kim told the recent issue of Cosmopolitan that she’s expecting to put on a lot of weight and ain’t sweating it, “I’ll definitely be up there.”
Kim says, “I’m trying to prep myself for when I’m extremely pregnant.”
She joked that she “wore a wedge sneaker,” but didn’t like it, “I’m not gonna lie. I can’t. But I’m trying.”
We know Kim’s been working out like crazy to keep off the inevitable baby weight.
She’s been training with Tracy Anderson who tells us that Kim is working out “four to six days per week. Every day that you don’t work out you can guarantee that you will stay your weight or go up 1-3 pounds. The sessions are one hour to one hour and a half. That might be a red carpet thing. If you do have an award show coming up you might take your workout up to two hours.”

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