Britney Spears Holds Hands With New Boyfriend

Britney Spears has a boyfriend y’all and it’s “handhold” official. We've known about Brit’s new beau for a few weeks now, his name is David Lucado and he’s just a basic human, like not famous or even an agent or a sports lawyer or anything.
Honestly, we thought he was just a bodyguard because Brit never showed any affection with him whatsoever, but now they are holding hands and smiling (at the same time), so we have to accept the fact that this relationship is FOR REAL.
They were shopping at the Thousand Oaks Mall like a couple of regulars and Britney wore a cute black dress while David dressed up in a button-down top and a denim vest which he paired with denim jeans. Oh, he is everything.

Both Britney and David are usually palling around LA in sweats and t-shirts, so why were they all dressed up for the Thousand Oaks Mall? Does that mall have a Cheesecake Factory or something? Probably.
A source told E! News that David is a “really good guy” and Britney is “really happy at the moment. She’s ready to start a new chapter.”
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